1. Public Enterprises    -    currently, there are twelve (12) Public Enterprises
  2. Legislative Assembly    -    Public Enterprises Act 2002 requires the Ministry of Public Enterprises to present to the Legislative Assembly certain information at a prescribed time.
  3. Other Government Ministries     -    The Ministry works very closely with the following Ministries in carry out its functions:
    • Ministry of Finance and National Planning: Budget, Community Service Obligation, Dividend payments
    • Ministry of Infrastructure: in conjunction with the Tonga Airport Limited, Ports Authority Tonga and Friendly Island Shipping Agency
    • Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Fisheries
    • Ministry of Labour and Commerce
  4. Privy Council / Cabinet    -    The Cabinet and His Majesty’s Privy Council are important stakeholders in the delivery and provision of the Ministry’s various functions. As indicated in Public Enterprises Act, they play a very vital part in confirming or authorizing important decisions regarding the future directions of the PE’s or appointments to the leadership of the organization. The Ministry has been complying with these functions to the latter.
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