1.  Support the Minister in strengthening the implementation of the Public Enterprises Act 2002, in his role as shareholder
  2.  Gather non-financial and financial information on all public enterprises and effectively monitor the database of their financial performances
  3.  Develop, in consultation with other departments, appropriate policies for consideration by Government, with a view of improving the financial performances and management of Government business investments
  4.  Develop and maintain an effective monitoring and assessment capability in respect of the financial position, performance and prospects of public enterprises and government trading activities. Recommend corrective actions where necessary and also providing advice to the Minister and Secretary for Finance
  5.  Review of the Statement of Corporate Intent, annual and half year reports from all public enterprises and also making periodic reports on financial performances of these public enterprises
  6.  Evaluate public enterprises requests for borrowing and loan guarantees in coordination with Debt Unit of Ministry of Finance
  7.  Assist with corporatisation of government trading activities and also managing privatizations
  8.  Assist with the processes for appointment of directors and also advise the Minister on the process for approval of appointment of the CEO

The main objectives of these core functions are to:

•    Add value to the GOT investment

•    Reduce GOT losses in the Public Enterprises

•    Contribute to the focus and the direction of the GOT Strategic Development Plans

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